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Biodroga Detox Inch Loss Wrap

Intense body wrapping for purification and detoxification. Experience the epitome of oceanic body care with our Algae Fitness Wrap. It purifies, detoxifies, stimulates microcirculation and lymph flow and activates the metabolism, to smooth your skin – visibly and measurably. Powerful support when you need it most, even after dieting and pregnancy.

What is involved:

Remove those unwanted inches instantly! Your silhouette will look slimmer and firmer after you have experienced the benefits of marine algae and contour wrapping. Body wrapping employs the principles of osmosis and purifies, detoxifies.  By detoxing the body your cells can ‘let go’ of the excess fluid that they hold onto for protection.

During the treatment you are measured and the activating algae gel is applied to ‘stubborn’ areas before you are  wrapped in warm clay infused bandages, 50-55 minutes on a heated bed helps to keep you warm and boosts the detox process whilst you enjoy a relaxing head massage.

After unwrapping you are re-measured to assess the instant inch-loss. The residue solution is wiped off but it is recommended that you don’t shower or bath for at least 15 hours after the wrap as the detoxification process will continue to work and increase the inch-loss.

As a guideline a second wrap during your stay it is approximated that you would lose around half the amount of inches that you achieved in your first treatment.

This treatment lasts approximately 85 minutes.


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