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Firming Aroma Algae Wrap

This treatment relaxes, restores and firms body lines.  Smoothing cellulite and boosts the detox process. Algae helps to cleanse, invigorate and detoxify the body.

What is involved?

A combination of botanicals and thalasso therapy – seaweed includes a high concentration (100 times) biologically active substance like mineral salts, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamins and acids.  Improve microcirculation in a short time, improving skin cell activity. Body tissue slightly warms up activating metabolism, getting rid of waste products and body fat. The treatment reduces water accumulation in tissue and your body will become more resilient and relaxed, skin will be more even and smooth.

This treatment begins with the application of a unique blend of oils and marine algae which combine to increase the body’s microcirculation. You are then wrapped and kept warm on the heated bed whilst the therapists performs your choice of head/face or foot massage.  The algae is then removed and a firming and moisturising body cream is applied.  

This treatment lasts approximately 50 minutes.




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