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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is a soft and gentle treatment that allows your body to totally relax while your therapist slowly releases through the Lymphatic system the build-up of fluids from your body.

What is involved?

The Lymphatic system is a very delicate structure under the skin that works on a small pump system. When the pressure within the Lymphatic’s has a build-up of fluids it can create all kinds of ailments including swollen joints, fluid retention, bloating and of course more serious ailments such as Lymphedema.

This is particularly helpful for people who have had their lymph nodes removed and the body finds it hard to drain. The Lymphatic system has a valve system which only allows the fluid to move in one direction. When detoxing your lymphatic system is under a lot of pressure, this massage will help your body to reduce fluid and toxins in a gentle way.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage was developed by Austrian Dr Vodder in the 1930’s. His interest started through Sinusitis and over the years he realised that the whole Lymphatic system when blocked was a key factor in many major illnesses.

Please note this is NOT a massage treatment, it is a very soft rhythmic movement across the skin that can even be done over light lose clothing, or wearing underwear, however it is suggested that women don’t wear a wired bra for the treatment. 

Treatment Time approximately 50 minutes.


  • Acute inflammation
  • Malignant Tumours
  • Thrombosis and Phlebitis
  • Any major heart problems

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