Focused Counselling – Understanding your Relationship with Food. It’s no secret – for many people there is a strong emotional attachment to food. What we eat is supposed to fuel our bodies to survive, but for many it becomes a means of praise and also torture. The need to eat is a requirement of living, so why do so many people use food as something much more than the sustenance that fuels their bodies and feeds their brains?

What is involved?

This is a tailor-made way of working, created using tools based in Psychotherapy for clients that specifically want to start to understand more about their relationship with food. In which I provide a supportive, safe space in which you can begin to explore your relationship with food. This could involve us just talking – going through some questions that will help you process what’s going on around food. We may also use creative tools such and cards and pictures in order to look at specific food groups. The session will also include some free association – where I say a word and you say the first thing that come to mind. Seeing just how closely your emotions and mood are linked to what foods you allow yourself, how you praise and punish yourself with it.

  • Do you want to start to look at what the food rules are that you often subconsciously follow and how long has this been an issue?
  • Do you want some time to focus on how food makes you feel?
  • Do you sit down and enjoy your meal whatever that is, or do you dread trying to work out what you can/can’t eat every day?
  • Are you really comfort eating, or is it emotional eating? Surprisingly there is a difference!
  • Why do you deprive your body of some foods, when the human body needs a balance of all food groups?
  • What do you consider good foods and bad foods?
  • Who were/are the ‘food police’ that govern your relationship with food?
  • Are the ‘rules’ yours, or the rules that you had instilled in you?

The initial session is 1.5 hours and will just help you start to look at what is driving your food and meal choices, it may be that you want to continue this work in which case we can schedule 1-hour online sessions via zoom once your retreat is finished.

About Me
Caroline Kay – Alongside working here at simply Healing I am also a qualified Counsellor & Psychotherapist holding a Fd.Sc Integrative Counselling Degree from the University of Greenwich. Having been involved in Simply Healing since its conception, I have many years’ experience seeing what comes up for clients on our retreats, when they are away from their usual foods and diet and how that impacts them emotionally.

In my general client work, this is often a part of a wider life exploration in Psychotherapy, what emerges can be surprising, but also freeing. Often, it’s not what we think!


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