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Emotional Healing

Here at Simply Healing it is Vivien, our founder, who is the healer and driving force and inspiration behind the entire ethos of our holistic and natural approach to health and wellbeing. She has been working as a healer and teacher for many years and her gifts have taken her all around the world on healing and teaching trips.

What is involved?

Vivien is an inspired healer, teacher and listener. She works on many levels to heal the physical and emotional body. She can help alleviate the symptoms of all kinds of ailments. Healing with unconditional love, her inspiration comes through vision, colour and vibration. She helps you address stress in your life by balancing your body. She releases energy blockages in your body, thus helping the symptoms of ME, fatigue and emotional trauma. She also works with you on dietary solutions to problems such as candida, IBS and digestive problems. Specialising in the area of infertility she tailors her treatments to suit each individual couple’s problems, advising and formulating a treatment programme that can involve other treatments such as reflexology and detox as well as diet alterations in order to give couples the best chances of conception – either naturally, or through fertility treatments.

Over the years she has helped countless couples in their quest to have a child and indeed in some cases has helped couples to extend that family even further.

Initially Vivien will see you for a one hour appointment, during which she will assess your requirements and will advise you how often she would like to see you and how many treatments she feels you will require.

This treatment lasts approximately one hour.


Call: 01403 822117