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Shamanic Healing

In today’s world stress levels are very high. Your mind, body and spirit are overloaded. To find your inner peace you need to address the way you see your life’s path.

What is involved?

Where are you going? Answer: go within.
What have you learned so far? To push hard.
What are you doing to move on?

Shamanic healing finds blocked energy. It also clears the body’s toxins using harmonious streams of light, bringing a loving energy to the distressed area.

A strong flow of healing can feel hot, warm or cold. The main energy centres (chakras) are re-balanced, helping your inner healing to take place. The Shamanic healer will take you on an inner journey, using guided imagery and life guides to find your inner peace. Looking at your past, present and future it can free you from emotional patterns. We are able to change the things that make us sick.

Shamanic Healing helps address these areas in life:

  • First step – how is your body?
  • Do you have recurrent pain?
  • Do you feel toxic?
  • Are you carrying emotional fear / frustration / hurt?
  • Emotions keep the body in old sickness and produce ongoing ailments.

This treatment lasts approximately one hour. 


Shamanic Emotional Healing Weekends


This course is for those people who would like to work at making their visions possible and to forge for themselves a strong and unique place in the world.

This course runs over the course of 3 weekends over the space of 9-12 months.

These visions often include:

  • Creating loving and supportive relationships.
  • Having confidence and fun at work.
  • Achieving your goals and ambitions.
  • Having a healthy body.
  • A healthy bank account.
  • Having the knowledge to focus on your direction in life.

Our visions are often blocked by some of the following:

  • Lack of confidence.
  • False belief structures.
  • Disempowering attitudes.
  • Negative behaviour patterns.

During this training, one is given a safe, non-judgemental place in which to explore these issues:

  • To release and feel the pain of emotional hurt associated with the time when blocks were born.
  • To discover ways in which to transform the old pain into positive energy.
  • To bring to light your creative power.
  • To help you to fulfil your deepest desires.
  • To gain self-confidence.

Often our ego blocks us from moving forward by persuading us we are alright and that if we seek help we are somehow failing.

However, in order to utilise our full potential, we need to open the channels of our inner minds and emotions to create a safe, loving environment in which to move forward with our lives.

For more information, please give us a call or email Vivien

“Shamanic Workshop Review”

Want to “get out of your head” and “your own way”? Try this…
For almost fifty years and over five continents, the Lady of the Manor – Vivien Kay – has brought a very unique skillset and life experience to the world of emotional healing, wellness and rejuvenation.

I just completed the second of a “three parter” course identifying the sources of adult trauma – for the participants involved, this included: abuse, abandonment, and rejection. The content focused on the resulting adult emotional consequences years later of irrational and (at times) entirely unexplained anger, anxiety, and depression in seemingly mature and successful people. It also looked at the many simple but (completely) unrelated situations and circumstances that re-trigger these feelings – all of which largely originated from childhood, family and community.

Once again, it was an intense and incredibly rewarding experience. The sessions identified practical solutions and “workarounds” to managing these many challenging emotions on a daily basis – it’s about small and constant changes, not a seismic shift! They were expertly led by Viv (assisted by the effortlessly lovely Kate!) and were peppered with many anecdotes from her five decades of practice and dealing with many, many difficult (tricky) situations and people. A must for anyone looking to “free their mind” from historical shackles and adults who want to “get out of their own way” ……

Searbhratha (May 2024)


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