Your Best You

Menopause Relief Treatment.

This unique top to toe treatment is bespoke to you, supporting you whether post Menopause or Peri Menopausal. With two treatment options available, with both you’ll leave energised yet nurtured, at ease. Choose from warm or cool, or a combination, just let the therapist know your preference.

This gentle, caring massage uses a combination of expert therapist touch and Himalayan Salt Stones with TEMPLESPA nurturing skincare. These healing stones produce negative ions to support stress relief, increase energy, and positively boost your mood. Rhythmic stretches and gentle joint rotation rescue achy limbs and tension and a gentle lymph drainage facial reduces puffiness to leave skin fresh and feeling beautiful. Nutritious oils and Templespa’s deeply hydrating and comforting body cream, DUVET gives your body the hug that it deserves.

The 85 minute version also includes a lifting face massage, a scalp massage and application of TEMPLESPA award winning Truffle range of products.

Treatment Benefits:

  • Rebalances the body
  • Renewed/Increased energy
  • Relives stress and improves mood
  • Helps improve quality of sleep
  • Comforts and hydrates the skin on the face and body
  • Releases tension and aching joints
  • Reduces puffiness on the face
  • Can help target hot flushes

For this treatment there is the option of 55 or 85 minutes.


Epilepsy, heart disease, recent haemorrhage, history or thrombosis or embolism, diabetes, muscular dysfunction, dysfunction of the nervous system, skin disorders/diseases, cuts or abrasions, recent operations/scar tissue, infections, loss of feeling in the skin, low or high bloody pressure, cancer, varicose veins, osteo arthritis, brittle bones and joint problems.


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