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Vivien’s Famous Juices

We are always being asked what juicer is the best to use. We use various types here depending on the fruit or vegetable being used and also the quantities of juice we are preparing.

There is no need to go out and spend huge amounts of money on juicers. We do recommend, though, that you buy a centrifugal juicer. The larger heavy masticating ones are very time consuming to use and clean, and if you are only preparing juices for one person you will soon get bored of using it. You can buy a good quality high-speed juicer from most good electrical retailers for between £30 and £50.00. With all juices, to get the best results, press alternate chunks through the juicer. Stir and serve immediately. With regards to the produce that you use, keep in mind that if you wouldn’t be happy to eat it, don’t juice it! Don’t see juicing as a way of using up unused fruit and vegetables: if it wouldn’t taste good if you ate it, it won’t taste good in a juice. Always wash your fruits and vegetables before juicing. Remember that these recipes are guidelines and the quantities needed vary depending on the ripeness and juiciness of the fruits and vegetable you are using. In addition to the juice recipes, we have included a little bit of information about some of the fruits to give you an idea of what these amazing fruits can do for you, and how best the combinations work together to help you through the day.

Boosting Your Immunity

Boosting Your Immunity

Having spent many years developing and creating wonderful freshly made juices and soups for our clients I would like to share with you all some quick and easy juice and soup recipes that will help to boost your immune system. The ingredients are easy to find, not expensive and will pep up your body in these difficult times.

The most important thing in my view is to stay positive keep laughing and stay happy.

Vitamin Rich Juice

Vitamin Rich Juice

6 apples (stalks removed)

2 courgettes (topped and tailed)

1 /2 inch of ginger

Put through the juicer & stir. Can be served over ice to make a longer drink.

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!!!

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!!!

Vivien’s Green Magic Juices

9 Apples (stalks removed)

6 sticks of Celery (topped and tailed)

1 Large cucumber

¼ of a cup of Basil leaves

Push through the juicer, makes enough to make 2 large glasses.

9 Green Apples (stalks removed)

9 celery Stalks (topped and tailed)

1 ¼ inches of Ginger

½ a Lemon

Put alternative chunks through the juicer.

Early Spring In A Glass

Early Spring In A Glass

1 Honey Dew Melon (peeled, seeded and chopped)

1 Small Pineapple (peeled & chopped)

½ a cup of Mint Leaves

Push through the juicer, stir pour into 2 large glasses and enjoy.

Gentle On Your Mind

Gentle On Your Mind

Sit and relax, clear your mind to enjoy the lovely combinations of fruits. This is not a hurry-up juice.

½ a small pineapple (peeled and chopped)

6 Kiwi Fruits

½ a cup of Mint leaves

¾ inch of Ginger

This will makes 2 medium sized glasses.

Keeping Healthy

Keeping Healthy

With the wind and rain and lack of sun over the last few weeks our bodies are missing out on Vitamin C & Vitamin D etc. so boosting your immune system with juices that go straight into the blood stream is an easy way to absorb the Vitamins that you may be lacking.

Take time to listen to your body when you are on Toxic overload your body is letting you know what it doesn’t need, so listen to it !!!

As you are not walking or exercising as you normally would be I recommend smaller potions every two hours to keep your blood sugar balanced. This will help your body reregulate.

Feel free to email me if there is anything that you feel that I can help you with.

Keep safe and well,


Juice: Spring Time Juice

Spring Time Juice

Clear A Foggy Brain!

12 oz Spinach Leaves
1 large Beetroot (uncooked)
10 Asparagus Spears (chopped into chunks)

Embrace the best of British asparagus now in season, add beetroot and spinach to clear the mind and give yourself a mental boost.

Juice: Strawberry, Apple & Lime

Strawberry, Apple & Lime

Strawberries are in abundance at this time of the year
6 Apples
1 Lime
Plenty of Strawberries

Put through the Juicer and pour into a long glass and slowly drink through a long straw to get the full benefit and take your mind off the ‘Hussle and Bussle’ of everyday life, it will enable you to have 15 minutes of contentment.

Juice: Low Carb Juice For The Summer

Low Carb Juice for the Summer

120gms Strawberries
75gms of Rasberries
75gms punnet of Blueberries
1 small Pear

Best drunk in a long glass with Ice. Sit in the sun and enjoy!

Juice: Weight Shifter

Weight Shifter!

6 Large Celery Spears including tops
(chopped in to chunks)
2 Large Carrots
(topped, tailed and chopped into chunks)
10 Asparagus Spears
(chopped into chunks)

Put alternative chunks of vegetables through the juicer, stir and enjoy!

This juice helps to break down and get rid of your body’s fat !!


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